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Hm...so.. I'm a little bit emberassed...but...I have a new addiction...It's more like a guilty pleasure kind of thing...and..well, here it comes::

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Brittana X-Men Manip Wallpaper

So here is the wallpaper to my last manip. Comments are love ;)
(Click for full size)

Brittana X-Men Manip

Soo, it's been ages since I made, let alone posted anything. But I've been busy reading Glee fanfic studying.
Anyways, I saw a pic of Naya on tumblr and her hair-do totally reminded me of Wolverine. And when I started working on the manip a little voice kept nagging me, that Santana- I've gots razor blades in my hands hair -Lopez shall not be without her Brittany.
So here they are: the new and improved Cheerios...or something.
(PS: I also made a wallpaper based on this, so if anyone is interested...)

Long-haired Cara Manip

Reading dark_kurai 's story "Gift of Stolen Time" burned the picture of a long haired Cara into my head. (It's an amazing piece of fanfic! If you haven't already, go to lots_femslash  right now and read it. I'll wait till you caught up...Done? I told you it was awesome!)
And although I should work on my presentation I couldn't stop myself making this.
It's based on a low-res cap of "Eternity" (it's the scene with Cara and Dahlia just before they..you know..try not to wake Zedd) and  kind of a quick sketch of what I wanted to make if I had the time. I had this picture in my mind where Cara tells Kahlan about her time with Noa. I already have the perfect Kahlan screencap for this idea. So if you have a high-res cap of Cara in the above mentioned scene tell me. I would love to do the proper manip when I have the time!
And now I stop rambling and without further ado present to you the quick version of long-haired Cara:


Happy Mother-Confessor-Day!

I think I may be addicted to making Cara/Kahlan manips. I know this isn't my best work, but since I saw the original picture I couldn't get these lines out of my head together with Cara's facial expression. (And I was a bit tipsy last night when I made it.) So there.


Cara/Kahlan Wallpaper

So I have a humongous work load for uni, but I couldn't get myself to start it. So instead I made a new wallpaper for my desktop.
I kind of suck at backgrounds and that chain was a bitch, but I wanted to share it anyways.

(Click image for larger version)


Cara/Kahlan PicManip

Just had to make these after seeing starspanks post. And fosforito4 made another one.

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PicManip: LotS Cara/Kahlan

I just recently got into Legend of the Seeker but by now I'm totally addicted to it. So many strong, intelligent and beautiful women! Anyways, I saw this screen-cap in a cracky picspam for ep.17 of season 2 and totally had to change it into the picture that was in my mind. Not to mention that this was the perfect excuse to not do my Uni-work. Sorry if the pic is a bit frizzy, but I had only a low-res screen-cap. As I had only a few pixels to work with, the girls are still a bit cross-eyed, but I think one still gets the message ;p
Also, feel free to suggest a better caption as I think mine is missing the cherry on top.on to the picCollapse )